The company artEgress Pvt Ltd was formed after many years of watching the uPVC market in its infancy in India under expertise.

Our value proposition, which comprises the supply of windows and doors with outstanding thermal performance, noise reduction, and superior water and air tightness, is underpinned by the use of environmentally friendly, lead free calcium zinc stabilized uPVC frames.

While the European and American market for uPVC windows experienced exponential growth over the past three to four decades India has significantly lagged behind this phenomenon. With approximately 90% uPVC windows in Germany, 75% in Europe and 60% in North America currently it is no surprise that India market of less than 3% is about to experience the same growth.

Our mission

Our ‘MISSION’ is to provide affordable, high quality Windows & Doors – has now been achieved. Our group is endeavoring to spread and entrench Industrialized Technology throughout the country.
Plustec Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company which provides uPVC, double-glazed windows to the Australian and New Zealand domestic, industrial and commercial markets.
The company is committed to provide high Quality products and Services through continuous improvement and maximization of labour and capital.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading Manufacturer and supplier of uPVC windows at a Global Scale through a system Driven and Organized Marketing strategies.
Our principal objectives are to:
. Produce an exceptional quality uPVC window for the Global market.
. Grow the Domestic market in uPVC windows through marketing and information regarding energy efficiency and environmental benefits of using a lead free uPVC
. Grow the artEgress brand.

. To realize these objectives we aim to establish a level of expertise in window manufacturing and installation underpinned by exceptional technical and market knowledge