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Fixed Doors

Fixed Doors are stationary, and fixed to the window frame into the wall. They are great for letting in light and exposing views, but provide no ventilation. Fixed Doors are preferable where there abundant and continuous light is required.

Sliding Doors

• Space-economy as the sashes slide and do not open inwards or Outward. • Integrated bug screen solution that can be removed for cleaning. • Thick strip of wool pile between all sashes keeps dust and insects out. • Sealing bridges ensure that sliding panels cannot be lifted or tampered with from the outside. • Interlocks between all panels ensure complete sealing from dust and other pollutants.

Casement Doors

• Double sealing with EPDM gaskets for enhanced thermal and sound insulation. • Barrier against dust and pollution. • Allows more light to enter the window. • Offers an unobstructed view. • Locks at several points across the window for security and better sealing. • Night ventilation option without allowing insects to creep in. • Doors cannot be opened from the outside.

Slide and Fold System

Slide and Fold doors can be a best solution for Terrace and Living room Opening. • Maximum opening without obstructions.

Tilt & Turn Doors

• Inward Opening
• Suitable for Partial Ventilation.